Car Segments 101 — What Are A, B, C, D Segments?


If you have been reading automotive news, chances are you have come across a number of terminologies referring to car segments such as B-Segment, C-Segment and so on. What are these actually? Basically, they refer to car size. The smallest car segment start with A.

Here are a quick guide on what these segments mean. Feel free to add your own input in the c-section (comment section) below. Let’s all understand this together 🙂

Here are the visual guide to car segments. Cars are selected at random to represent the sizes represented by each segment.

A-Segment — mini cars the size of Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10

B-Segment — often referred to as the super mini, cars in this segment are those with the size of Ford Fiesta or Toyota Vios

Ford Fiesta

C-Segment — perhaps the most popular car segments around the globe – these are cars the size of Honda Civic, Proton Preve


D-Segment — large cars, denote a degree of financial success. BMW 3-Series is among the cars in this segment, so are Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat


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