Why Do Automatic Cars Stall — Case Study Kia Sportage Year 2000


I grew up with this statement hammered into my brain: that there is no way an automatic car can stall. You drive any automatic car and you can rest assured that it won’t fail on you as far as stalling is concerned.

So, I find to my amazement when the Kia Sportage SUV, a 2000 model, which we bought two years ago at a bargain, began its regular stalling several months later. It stalled just like that, without any provocation whatsoever, like for instance when I was reversing the car or when it was running at a slow speed.

Kia Sportage

First, it would jerk and then everything would become quiet and the steering wheel became stiff.

At first the stalling was rare, like once in a month, then it became regular, on a weekly basis, and early this year it was worse that it had become dangerous to drive the car. So I bought it to a workshop but they told me it was better if the problem was diagnosed by Kia. I went to a Kia service centre and told them the problem. Two days later I was told that the car needs several items replaced, namely the pressure hose, idler speed sensor, valve cover gasket and immobiliser. Yes, I said, get those parts and make the car run again.

At time this entry is written, I’m still waiting for the parts to be installed or to be ordered. The last time I check, all these items, except for the immobiliser, were “on their way” to the service centre and should be arriving soon. Let’s just hope they can do it this week.

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