2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews and Updates


Back in Borneo in the old days, Jeep, pronounced “gee-eep” by the native people, was the noun for almost all things automobiles, whatever automobile was available in Borneo then. You could be on an old Land Rover, the one with the spare tyre mounted on the hood, a popular vehicle in Borneo back then, but you would still be on a gee-eep to them.

For instance, a man might ask his friend, “How do you plan to go the market today” and it was not uncommon to hear a reply like this, “I think, I may take the buffalo or maybe I shall just wait for a gee-eep to come by.”

The name Jeep sticks until this day in some parts of South-east Asia, and people are still calling a certain type of vehicles gee-eep. Gee…

But that is beside the point. So, how is the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee doing? Can the iconic brand name put back order into its maker’s tumultuous years? The 2011 Grand Cherokee Jeep, announced in May, broke what was then a long-drawn out silence — in terms of vehicle announcement, that was — from Chrysler.

If you are curious about the SUV, curious no more as some lucky souls have test-driven the beauty and come back with their reports. One of them is Autoblog. It is a very comprehensive review indeed, in the usual style of Autoblog. We won’t be spoiling their finding, so be sure to check the review yourself. There is, however, a mention about “a little life” on some hills at the end of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee test drive report and review.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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