Fancy Driving A Car With Eyelashes?


Headlights are the car’s eyes. And eyes should have eyelashes, shouldn’t they? And if headlights are the car’s eyes, there’s nothing wrong with dressing them up with eyelashes, isn’t it? Introducing Carlashes™, the long, curly eyelashes for cars.

Guys may be a little apprehensive about driving cars with eyelashes but the fairer sex may not mind at all.

It will surely make heads turn and lightens up the traffic. According to the team behind Carlashes™, there are several styles and shapes available to fit different headlight shapes.

Just tell them your vehicles make, year and model when ordering.

Other key features, as publicised on are: Flexible design bends around headlights, attaches easily with 3M double sided trim tape, designed to stay on your car at normal driving speeds and it will not damage paint. Interested? Buy them straight from Carlashes™ or via

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