Hyundai To Introduce Sleek-looking HED-6 Concept SUV


    I’m a sucker for all things SUV, especially sleek-looking compact SUV along the lines of Mazda CX-7. Too bad I can only afford an old Toyota truck, which still runs good but I guess an SUV will be a nice step up.

    hyundai hed-6

    Here is what the car is made of, among other things, apart from its eye-catching muscular curve and sleek aerodynamics: 1.6L direct-injected turbocharged engine that generates 175 horsepower; rear window made from high-performance Lexan plastic that allows a unique three-dimensional shape which may not be achievable or practical using traditional glass; LED daytime running lights; 21-inch alloy wheels.

    The HED-6, billed by its maker as “urban nomad” will debut at the Geneva International Motor Show from March 5-15.

    “The HED-6 brings an entirely new look to Hyundai’s SUV line-up. It fuses a robust exterior with a fresh and elegant interior, making for an eye-catching package, while its latest-generation power train highlights Hyundai’s clean-technology expertise,” said Allan Rushforth, Vice-President at Hyundai Motor Europe.

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