Toyota Hilux Conquers South Pole


Four Toyota Hilux trucks that look like as though they have been pumping irons all day and all night — that they are now all muscled up and extremely robust — completed a journey across Antarctica to the South Pole this week.

In an expedition that demonstrated the trucks immense capabilities, the highly-modified Hilux double cabs coped well with loads of up to 2.5 tonnes, which are 1.5 tonnes more than their specified capacity.

The journey covered more than 3,200 kilometres, carrying supplies, scientists and team support groups across the frozen terrain with temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius.


Among the modifications made were the installation of snow-melting system, using heat from the engine. Arctic Trucks prepared the double cab trucks for the extreme Antarctic conditions.


According to a press release, the Hilux trucks prove to be a more practical choice over the snowcats as they are faster, more comfortable and consume less fuel.


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  2. awesome trucks dude, every angle looked meaty and well-balanced.
    i drive a 4×2 toyota hilux. wanna ask if u hav parts or specialty shop i could check to make my ride as enjoyable as yours. Thanks!!


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