Fancy Driving A Car With Eyelashes?

Headlights are the car's eyes. And eyes should have eyelashes, shouldn't they? And if headlights are the car's eyes, there's nothing wrong with dressing...

Why Do Automatic Cars Stall — Case Study Kia Sportage Year 2000

I grew up with this statement hammered into my brain: that there is no way an automatic car can stall. You drive any automatic...

It’s the End of Jaxon’s Review as We Know It

Man, I've deleted everything, every entry, all 300 of them, except for the two entries below, written on Feb 8 and 10, 2009 respectively....

Hyundai To Introduce Sleek-looking HED-6 Concept SUV

I'm a sucker for all things SUV, especially sleek-looking compact SUV along the lines of Mazda CX-7. Too bad I can only afford an...

Car Segments 101 — What Are A, B, C, D Segments?

If you have been reading automotive news, chances are you have come across a number of terminologies referring to car segments such as B-Segment,...

CrunchGear Test Drives Audi R8 V20 Spyder; Not Your Typical Test Drive Report

CrunchGear's David Freeman has test-driven the new Audi R8 V8 Spyder and prepared a report about his experience with the supercar. It is not...

Ford Brings Back Mustang Boss 302

Ford has introduced its fastest Mustang yet and gave it the "Boss 302" badge, the legendary name it has not used since 1969. In...

How To Get A GDL Licence?

I recently sat for a test to get a Goods Driver's Licence or what is known as GDL and passed with flying colours. A...

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