Fancy Driving A Car With Eyelashes?

Headlights are the car's eyes. And eyes should have eyelashes, shouldn't they? And if headlights are the car's eyes, there's nothing wrong with dressing...

I’ve Renewed My Car Insurance; Wish I Could Do It Online

March is that time of the year for me, financially, because this is the month both my Car Insurance and road tax expire simultaneously. It's...

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews and Updates

Back in Borneo in the old days, Jeep, pronounced "gee-eep" by the native people, was the noun for almost all things automobiles, whatever automobile...

Ford Brings Back Mustang Boss 302

Ford has introduced its fastest Mustang yet and gave it the "Boss 302" badge, the legendary name it has not used since 1969. In...

“Rubber” — A Movie About A Tyre Coming To Life

A single tyre, abandoned in the desert, inexplicably comes to life in a new movie called "Rubber" and coming to the cinema on April...

All New 3.2-Litre Duratorq Engine Powers New Ford Ranger

The design of the all new Ford Ranger, unveiled in Australia recently, confirms what many had suspected about a possible shift in the workhorse's...

Why Do Automatic Cars Stall?

We got back our Kia Sportage 2000 last week, three months after sending it for repair. It hasn't stalled so far, that means the...

Now You Can Sit In Your Range Rover And Write Your Autobiography

Land Rover is set to unveiled the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition at the 81st Geneva Motor Show, early next month. Land Rover says...

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